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A modern day Renaissance woman with a deep love of all things dessert came up with a concept of connecting individuals, inspiring conversations, and using something sweet as the key ingredient.

Voila!  Cookies & Conversations was born!


Witnessing the power of dessert to relax even the tensest of individuals, it seemed perfect to pair cookies with some thought provoking conversations. But not just any cookies, cookies that required you to get your hands dirty, encouraging you to drop your devices and literally dive in.  It has been a labor of love to create for you a fun package designed with a few (2-4) people in mind, encouraging verbal acrobatics, laughter, vulnerability, and of course indulging in the fruit of your labor, COOKIES!!!


The conversation cards inside are a base, but the desire is you’ll talk long after the cards are read, hopefully learning something new and unexpected about the individuals in your presence!  Disconnect in order to reconnect with people, make new friends, push your boundaries, and if things get tough, grab a cookie! 

Talk cookie to me...