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So tell me what it's all about

Walking you through the process, making Cookies & Conversations a Breeze

Cookies and Conversations anyone?  It looks like you're ready.  These boxes were created with 2 - 4 people in mind.  So grab some friends, family members, strangers on the street, that cute bartender that makes your drink perfectly every time, it doesn't matter, grab   

2 to 3 other folks, yourself making 4, and pencil in your calendar for some fun!

Single boxes will be shipped within

2 to 5 business days of order.

Hold on you're not ready just yet!  Choose below to order your box. 

Of course there will be tea, snacks, and the cookie mix, but also in each box you'll have 5 to 7 conversation cards to spur discussions.  Some topics can be a little heavy, others fun and light.  Come ready to express yourself and get real honest.

  It might create some healthy conflict, but that's okay, grab a cookie to

ease the mood. 


These cards are meant to be the fuel to the fire of an evening connecting with the individuals sitting right in front of you.  Engage, with them, and if possible, keep your phones out of the conversation. 

Its human to human time here. 

Get cozy and connect!

Alright you're almost there!  Now these cookies aren't going to bake themselves, which would be amazing right? 

You'll need   

1 egg & 6 Tablespoons of butter (or non dairy vegan option of your choice).   

That's it.  Follow the instructions on the back of the package and you'll be ready to go.  You can also click here to get

the instructions.  

Put on some hot water for the tea bags, spread out the snacks and be prepared to dive into the conversations.  


We made this process as easy

as easy as possible. 

All you will need is:

1 Egg

1 Stick of Butter

And your Cookie Mix

It's COOKIE timE

1 Large Egg
Cookie Mix
6 Tbls of Butter
Step 1

Gather Your Ingredients  and all of your supplies. It'll be much easier if everything is ready before you begin.

Step 2

Set that oven to the temperature listed on the instructions.  It's probably going to be either 350 or 325.

Step 3

Melt your butter or non dairy alternative in a microwave safe bowl.

Step 4

Combine your Cookie Mix, Egg, and Melted Butter until it's all combined.

Step 4 continued

It'll be a beautiful mass of

delicious cookie dough.  

Step 5

Scoop dough into balls.  We recommend between 1 to 2 tablespoons. The smaller they are the more cookies to share.

Step 6

Bake your cookies for 10 to 12 min. 

Pull them out and let them cool!

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