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Talk Cookie To Me!

Get a decadent, sweet and savory cookie, Today!

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It’s the taste, the bite, the MMM… of cookies! Cookies & Conversations is your favorite, taste like home bakery for all your cookie and conversation needs. We offer some of your timeless favorites, along with some unique new takes on what a cookie could be. We pack gourmet flavors in every bite of our cookies.


We at Cookies & Conversations value the intimacy and interconnectedness that conversation and community offer us. We believe that without the act of intimate and uninterrupted conversation, we miss out on the small and most memorable moments of life with those we love most. Through conversation, we have the opportunity to educate ourselves immersed in the experience of time spent with others, and we hope to enhance this with each bite and laugh our cookies provide.

About the Story

From cookie to conversation, Leah Tibbs, a trained pastry chef, has mastered the art of infusing compassion and love into the subtle crumb of a cookie and within the experiences she shares with the people she enjoys the most.

Leah Tibbs


A dynamic pastry Chef seeks to expand your pallet to savory new heights and enhance the conversations between you and those you hold dear. 


Image by Heather Ford

"Sometimes me think, 'What is Friend?' and then me say, 'Friend is someone to share the last cookie with.'"

                                      -Cookie Monster


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- The Conversation.
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